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We offer a conversion service on our newly imported vehicles. 
Below are three examples of our actual own imports and conversions, all tweaked and revised over the years to get to our final perfect setups to suit the needs of nearly any Bongo Owner. 

The Full Works

Our Full Works conversion includes a complete strip out / new contoured and shaped flooring, leisure power,  an M1 certified and serial numbered approved rock and roll bed, maximum storage as well as a versatile  cooking and food prep area, with sone great features that just make sense throughout the whole interior. The widest sleeping of its kind , and all computer drawn, CNC cut and made from high end components, flush fit, auto close and assisted motion bed too.

Bongo 260521-33arah.jpg

Rear End Conversion 

This rear end conversion offers full width sleeping arrangements as well as leisure power,  a versatile cooking and eating area, a powered docked chiller means it can get carried away from the Bongo and onto the Beach with you if required.
No space for storage is wasted with 6 different storage areas with this conversion. For the light sleepers, a purpose made topper is available to buy if required. 

090621 Bongo -5.jpg

The Daily / Day Van / Weekend

This arrangement offers Leisure power,  face to face Bench seating around a custom made fold away table. This allows for ease of access to the seats as well as a comfortable eating area without loosing any versatility of the Bongo what so ever, all 8 seats are maintained if reversed to forward facing within 5 mins if up to 8 passenger travelling are required 

090621 Bongo -21.jpg
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