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Finding the bongo for you;
- Our work starts in Japan, where we go and find Bongos that meet your requirements, We physically view each bongo before purchase and only buy excellent quality vehicles.

We walk away from rotten / faulty or questionable Bongos, and only actually buy around 3 out of 10 that we view .
- Once purchased, they are transported through Japan, stored ready to ship, then shipped as required  to the UK.

-Once in the UK they are transported by truck to our workshops to carry out the stripping /  recommissioning / Bongo Barn Undersealing and customers build specifications. This is to ensure reliability, efficiency and to make the Bongo ready to enjoy.

We sort out all of the paperwork, the duty, taxes and registration work prior to vehicle handover.


We have custom designed 3 options that we make and install as required;

Please see our "Conversions" page for more details and photos of finished vehicles.

We understand different people have different needs from their Bongo, we feel these three design options cover a wide range of customer needs but if there is something specific you require please speak to us. 


All the vehicles we import are issued with a BongoBarn ID plate which allows us to document our work done to the vehicle. We know the work carried out will be to our exacting standards so we know your Bongo inside out. This means that all future maintenance and annual servicing and MOTs are done accurately, giving us opportunity to maintain your Bongo properly.


We repair / service and rebuild Bongos too, anything from a simple fix to full rebuild / restoration. 


We have a very extensive stock of parts on the shelf, spares and accessories including those rare and hard to find items we ship in from Japan.

We have camping accessories on the shelf and stock including a range of Bongo compatible Drive-away Awnings too.  


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